Effective March 19th, ACS Education Services (ACS), our trusted partner servicing your student loans, will be making some changes that affect you.

What you need to know:

  1. Borrower Services online account access is changing for Borrowers and Schools
    • If you’ve registered at wachovia.com/repaymentcenter to view and manage your student loan information, your account ID and password will no longer be valid. Please accept our apology for this inconvenience. To continue this service, effective March 19th you will need to register your account online with ACS by going to acs-education.com and selecting "How to Register".
    • If you have previously registered at acs-education.com you will be able to use your previous User Name and Password. If you do not remember your User Name and or Password please follow the instructions on the website to reset them.
  2. If you are using a bill payment service, please update your provider with the below payment address, and make any future checks out to ’ACS’.
  3. If you are already set up for automatic payment deduction (ACH) from your checking or savings account with Wachovia, you will not experience any change. The ACH draft will continue to draw on the same day of the month and will go on to reflect ACS on your bank statement. No action will be required by you to continue with this free service.
  4. New payment and correspondence addresses and customer service telephone numbers.

   FFELP - Federal Insured  Loans    Private Alternative Loans
 Payment:  ACS Education Services    ACS Education Services
   P.O. Box 371821    P.O. Box 371821
   Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7821    Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7821
 Correspondence:  ACS Borrower  Services    ACS Specialized Servicing
   P.O. Box 7051    P.O. Box 7052
   Utica, NY 13504-7051    Utica, NY  13504-7051
 Customer  Service:  1-800-835-4611    1-800-508-0806
 Customer Service Hours: 5:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday to Friday      
Online account access:  acs-education.com       
Note:  All payments and correspondence recently sent to the prior addresses will be processed.       


Thank you. We appreciate your business.

Wachovia Education Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still access my online account?

    If you’ve registered at wachovia.com/repayment: Your account ID and password will no longer be valid. Please accept our apology for this inconvenience. You will need to register your account online with ACS by going to www.acs-education.com and selecting "How to Register."

    If you have previously registered at acs-education.com: You will be able to use your previous User Name and password.

Will my payment due date change?

    No, your payment due date will stay the same as it is today.

Will I receive billing statements from ACS?

    Yes, loan statements and bills issued after March 19th will come from ACS, and reflect servicing information necessary to contact the servicing center, access the website and remit your payments. If a payment is due and you have not yet received your new Billing Statement or a new eBill, you may forward your payment to the address on the previous page. Any payments received during the transition will be posted to your account.

How can I make a payment during the transition period?

    Until you receive your new Billing statement from ACS, you may pay online using ExpressPay™ at www.acs-education.com or you may send a check or money order with your Wachovia Billing statement to the new payment address listed above. If you’ve recently submitted a payment to Wachovia’s address, the payment will be forwarded to ACS.

Can I sign up for Automatic Payments?

    If you are already set up for automatic payments (ACH) using your Wachovia checking or savings account: There is nothing you need to do to change this information, the ACH payment will continue to deduct on the same day of the month, and reflect ACS on your bank statement. You are not required to do anything to continue this free service.

    If you want to sign up for automatic payment deduction (ACH): To enroll in automatic payment deduction, contact ACS by phone at 1-800-835-4611 or visit ACS online at www.acs-education.com, log in and click on payment options, then ACH to download a form.

I use a Bill Payment Service, can this continue?

    Absolutely, however you will need to update your service provider to the above payment address and to make checks payable to ACS.

Will this change affect my eligibility of my on-time payment incentive?

    No, your on-time payment incentive status and on-time payment counters have been communicated to ACS. So if you had already qualified and are receiving your on-time payment incentive, you will continue to receive it. If you were qualifying for your on-time payment incentive, all on-time payment counters will be transferred with your account. Just be sure to continue to make your payments prior to your scheduled due date. Remember, by using ExpressPay™ at www.acs-education.com you can make payments free of charge, without waiting for a new statement.

I am having difficulty with my payments, what can I do?

    If you are having difficulties repaying your education loan(s), please contact ACS immediately to learn more about repayment options, including lowering or even postponing your payments.